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5 Best Tips to Ace Your Healthcare Interview

Landing a job in the healthcare industry is no easy feat. Opportunities are few and the competition is high. The only way you can succeed is by performing flawlessly in your interview! The only trick to doing that is: Prepare, prepare, prepare! If you’re looking for some guidance, here are 5 key insider tips that will help you ace your healthcare job interview:

Study the Organization: The best way to impress your interviewers is if you study the organization and its pioneers thoroughly. Know the mission, goals & projects of the hospital or clinic that is interviewing you. Make a note of the projects you have an interest to contribute towards. If you have questions regarding them, make a note of those too. Interviewers love it when prospective employees ask questions about the work they do and about how you can grow within the organization. It shows that you’re interested and invested.


Skills & Stories: This is probably the toughest, but most important thing to do. Make a list of all your skills, including soft skills such as empathy, social skills, etc. Then, come up with ways to articulate your skills to tailor it to the role. Come up with scenarios in the job profile that will require you to apply your skills in a practical environment. Be crisp and direct. Another thing you need to have ready is a compelling story for the question: “Why are you interested in working in the healthcare industry?” Think this through and come up with a well prepared story that talks about what inspired you to do this and why you’ve pursued it so seriously.


Positive Attitude: A calm but enthusiastic and positive attitude goes a long way in a job interview. No matter how difficult the role is, your eagerness to learn and essay it to the best of your ability makes a huge impact on your interviewers. Sometimes, even if your skills aren’t on par with the interviewers’ requirements, your dedication and interest can tip the scales in your favor.


Presentation: Even though you’ll spend your days and nights in scrubs and uniforms once you land the job, it is imperative that you go well dressed to the interview. A professional and near dressing sense reflects your attention to detail, ability to care and personal hygiene. Every tiny aspect reveals great details about someone’s personality. So, if you want to be taken seriously, ensure you dress to impress!


Interview Etiquette: It’s easy to get carried away while answering questions in an interview. Keep your sentences short, direct and to the point. Speak clearly and slowly so that you’re able to gather your thoughts and present them effectively. Once the interview is over, remember to send your interviewers/organization a ‘thank you note.’ Tell them that you’re thankful they took the time to meet with you and answer your questions.So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get cracking. Good Luck!