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5 reasons why you should opt for medical assistant career

Whether it has been your dream to work in the healthcare industry for years, or you have been recently fascinated by it, career as medical assistant is the perfect place to start your medical career. There is a wide range of medical assistant career opportunities that you can opt for. From administrative duties to patient billing and insurance, there is no better time than right now to become a medical assistant. We know that no career decision is easy; here are a few reasons why you should be medical assistant:

Career projection
The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and so is the career projection for the medical assistants. The projection for medical assistant is said to increase by 23 percent by 2024. This is 3 times faster than the average of 7 percent (the current rate of healthcare jobs). This rapid growth can be attributed to the baby boomers that are aging and need regular medical attention. Medical assistants are needed to help with all types of medical procedures.

One of the best parts of opting for medical assistant career is the job accessibility. The most direct path to work as a medical assistant is to opt for medical assistant course. Completed in 900 hours, the medical assistant course will impart theoretical and practical knowledge about the healthcare field.

Licensed trade
Aspiring medical assistants opt for the Certified Medical Assistant exam (CMA). The certification provides you a wide variety of medical assistant career opportunities. The test is broad and includes intensive understanding of all healthcare procedures. While this certification is not required by all employers, it will help you stand out among your peers.

Predictable schedule
Healthcare industry is known for its long irregular hours. This means that if you a busy parent or do not want to be called in the middle of the night, medical assistant career will give you a predictable schedule and steady working hours. If you have no problem with the long hours, you can work as a medical assistant in the big hospitals.

Stable career
We all know that working in the medical field is stable due to a regular demand for doctors, nurses and medical assistants 365 days a year. While some professionals are worried that technology might replace their job, the experts in the industry ensure that there will always be a need for the medical assistants. From healthy patients to those in need, every individual requires a medical assistant to do the work-up.

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