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Amazing Job Opportunities for Certified Nursing Aides

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for certified nursing aides, or CNAs, is set to grow exponentially. The projected job growth for CNAs is about 20%, well above the national average. This would mean that there would be creation of at least 3,000,000 new jobs. This, along with the various job opportunities for CNAs, makes the healthcare industry one of the best industries to work in. With experienced certified nursing aide training, you will be able to get any job that you want.

The more experienced a certified nursing aide gets, the more valuable he/she becomes to the healthcare industry. The general areas in which CNAs work are assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, local hospitals, home healthcare, and more. One can also opt to work as a medical transcriptionist, or as a traveling CPA.

1. Nursing facilities
Nursing facilities are where a CNA starts his/her career. Thus, there is an exceptional demand for CNAs in nursing facilities. Employment at nursing facilities offers you job security, the ability to gain full-time employment and the opportunity to enhance your skills. Those that can successfully manage stress become even more valuable, as they can handle a larger number of residents.

2. Local Hospitals
The competition for jobs in hospitals is challenging. This is because after certified nursing assistant training, working at a hospital is one of the best jobs one can acquire. If you desire employment at a local hospital, you will need to regularly check the hospital board and send your resume to the Human Resources department. One way to gain entry to local hospitals is to start volunteering. With a job at a hospital you will get your choice of hours, along with other worthwhile benefits. The salaries are high with good job security, making the jobs well worth finding.

3. Home Health Aide Agency
This is one of the most popular jobs in the healthcare industry. The pay is lucrative and the job responsibilities are the same as in nursing facilities. You will look after a single patient, which means reduced stress. With time you might also need to deal with the loss of the patient, so preparing yourself by utilizing your professional boundaries can help in dealing with this traumatic event.

Each job in the healthcare field has its pros and cons. A good certified nursing aide training program can get you a job with great benefits, and minimal stress. RLI is a leading educational institution offering one of the best certified nursing aides training in New York. Our instructors possess impeccable credentials and years of nursing facility and teaching experience. Contact us to today to ensure a bright, rewarding future for tomorrow!