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Dental assistants are a crucial part of any dental office. They are skilled in assisting dentists during dental procedures. Moreover, they are required to perform a wide variety of other duties. They are responsible for sterilizing the lab equipment and dental instruments, arranging patients’ appointments, managing administrative and laboratory tasks, and more.

It is a challenging career field with a broad horizon of employment opportunities. So, if you plan to pursue a career as a dental assistant, it is best to start by getting enrolled in an accredited dental assistant training course in NY to start off on the right path.

As a dental assistant, students need to develop a range of interpersonal and technical skills. The Royal Learning Institute of New York offers the best Dental Assistant training in NY. It is specifically designed to prepare students with in-depth learning and hands-on training of essential dentistry skills to start a career as a highly-skilled dental assistant.

The dental assistant training course covers the following essential topics:

  • Introduction to Dentistry and the Dental Assistant
  • Dental Terminology and Anatomy
  • Preventive Dentistry and Nutrition
  • Cavity Classification and Charting
  • Dental Law and Ethics
  • Infection Control and OSHA Regulations
  • Dental Operatory: Patients, Instrumentation, Moisture Control
  • Pharmacology and Anesthesiology
  • Dental Office Team, Patient Relations & Practice Management Software

And many other topics. The candidates can jump-start their career as a skilled dental assistant after completing the required dental assistant course. They can get employment opportunities as a dental assistant in a dental physician’s office, laboratories, hospitals, etc. The responsibilities of a dental assistant may vary depending on the field you choose to pursue.

Candidates preparing for the certified dental assistant exam can also benefit highly from the dental assistant training program. The hands-on experience significantly improves candidates’ chances to qualify for the DANB, National test for Certified Dental Assistants, to become a certified dental assistant and get a stable job in a variety of different medical settings. Qualifying in the certified dental assistant examination can also help broaden the employment opportunities for candidates.

The Royal Learning Institute is a leading dental assistant training school in New York. Our training program is designed to specifically train candidates in a broad range of clinical and administrative skills such as preparing patients for dental exams and treatments, performing radiographic procedures, scheduling appointments, maintenance of medical records, performing necessary front office skills, professional communication and public relations skills and more. If you are looking to pursue a career as a dental assistant in NY, get in touch with our team for a consultation.