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Phlebotomy technicians are an essential part of a medical team. They are responsible for drawing blood from patients and preparing it for lab testing. With the right phlebotomy technician training, and depending on your skill, you can start a career in this field by obtaining the relevant certifications.

As phlebotomy medical professionals’ demand has increased, a career in this field provides long term job security for aspirants who want to start a medical career. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a phlebotomy technician, first, you need to enroll in an accredited phlebotomy technician training program. At the Royal Learning Institute, we provide phlebotomy training in NY and help and guide aspiring candidates to start off on the right foot.

What are the primary responsibilities of Phlebotomy Technicians?
Phlebotomy technicians are at the forefront of patient care and testing.

They work in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, blood donation centers, and other health care facilities. They are required to perform various responsibilities every day. Here are the primary duties of Phlebotomy Technicians:

  • They work directly with patients and explain all information related to the medical procedures to patients.
  • They are responsible for drawing blood samples from patients and providing the required aftercare once the blood is drawn.
  • They also take blood pressure, pulse, and respiration tests of patients.
  • They are responsible for keeping track of sending patient’s samples to the lab for testing.
  • They are responsible for storing patient information, medical history, and updating patient records.
  • They are responsible for preparing stains and reagents for testing and blood analysis.
  • They have to take care of cleaning and sterilizing all the required equipment.
  • What will you learn?
    Students who enroll in our accredited Phlebotomy technician training program in NY can choose a certification or diploma program to start a career in this field. The phlebotomy technician course’s training period may take from 6 months to one year to complete depending on the training program you choose. Our phlebotomy technician training course in NY generally covers anatomy, physiology, blood & cell composition, sampling procedures, laboratory safety procedures, and more.

    As phlebotomy technicians need to deal with different types of patients every day, our instructors also help students to develop effective communication skills to deal with them. Our hands-on training program is designed to teach students all the necessary venipuncture techniques. They also learn how to handle the lab equipment and proper methods to clean up spills to prevent infection and physical harm.

    If you are considering starting a career in this field and need help choosing the best phlebotomy training program for you in NY, get in touch with our team for guidance.