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“A friend had recently taken a course with Royal Learning Institute and recommended them. It was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made for my career, they have so many great resources that help to make sure that their students are competitive for positions in the workplace. RLI definitely prioritize job placement for their students and it made all the difference for me.”

– Tasha M.

“I was looking for an interactive class that would provide hands-on experience for the Medical Assistant profession. I had searched all over for a reputable Medical Assistant training course in the Bronx, and eventually, a friend suggested Royal Learning Institute. All of the instructors were very helpful and the institute was incredibly supportive with job placement assistance. I would recommend Royal for anyone seeking a Medical Assistant training course in the Bronx as the commute was so easy.”

– Jenna F.

“My teachers at Royal really helped break down the material for me so that I could do well on my placement tests and pass my classes with ease.”

– Mercedes L.

“After I toured, I could start right away! I was able to enroll in and start the program almost immediately. No waitlist, no waiting around for classes to start.”

– Alexa D.

“Thanks to RLI, I was able to buy my first home!”

– H. Martinez